Hi., In this article I would like to share the basics things of Jquery.

JQuery Basics:               

jQuery is a powerful JavaScript library that can enhance our websites with out considering the background.

JQuery was Created by John Resig, jQuery is an open-source project with a dedicated core team of top-notch JavaScript developers. It provides a wide range of features, an easy-to learn syntax, and robust cross-platform compatibility in a single compact file.
jQuery concepts, allowing us to add interactions and animations to our pages.
                                First of all, we can get jquery library at http://www.jquery.com,
        Jquery librarys are of two types. For learning purpose,  jquery development         package. and For production purpose JQuery Production package.
            Differences between development and production package, is that  production             package are compiled codes or minified which we can’t possible see the codes             without proper formatting. Its use for production purposes because it would be             much faster for the browser to access and download the whole jquery file rather             then reading line by line while it can do with 1 line.
In the same way, we can download JQuery UI plug-in from http://jqueryui.com/download by selecting the theme along with components needed. JQuery UI comes with four components:
  • Core UI - It is mandatory for working with widgets, interactions, effects properly.
  • Interactions - It will help to make elements draggable, droppable, selectable etc.
  • Widgets - It provides UI elements like tabs, dialogs, slider etc.
  • Effects - It adds effects like slide, shake, highlight etc to an element.

                        Benefits of using JQuery:

  • Allows to manipulate elements in DOM in an efficient manner using selector syntax.
  • Allows to alter the HTML document content dynamically like element insertions.
  • Adds effects like fading, shaking to DOM elements.
  • Can retrieve information from server without a postback or refreshing the page by using $.get(), $.post(), $,ajax() methods.
  • Cross-browser support makes it to work consistently on all browsers. JQuery provides this feature by an abstraction layer.
  • JQuery works on sets. It means, there is no need of iteration statements or loops for applying a style or action on a set of elements.
  • Reduces lines of code by using chaining. Chaining allows a method to return an object itself as a result all the time,  reducing usage of temporary variables.
  • It is extensible. We can write our own plug-in, which will work on top of JQuery.
  • Its syntax is based on CSS selectors. This feature makes designers to learn JQuery quickly.

Just keep on follow the articles to know and learn more about jquery. In Jquery articles page, I will post in a way that is easy to learn one by one.

See you again.

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