API(application programming interface)

           For developing different applications in java we need the help of some methods and classes.java environment provides these things for us.These methods and classes comes under JSL(java standard library).JSL is also called as API(application programming interface).

In API classes and methods are grouped together as packages.They are as follows.
  • language support package(java.lang.)
  • I/O package(java.io.)
  • networking package(java.net.)
  • applet package(java.applet.)
  • AWT(abstract window tool kit) package(java.awt.)
  • utility package(java.util.)
  1.  language support package consists of classes used to represent primitive data types.
  2. I/O package provides a set of input and output streams.These streams are used to read and write data to files.
  3. networking package consists of classes used to communicate with other computers.
  4. applet package consists of an applet class and this class must be sub classed whenever you write an applet.
  5. AWT package consists of classes used to provide graphical user interface features(windows,buttons,text items etc.,) to the users.
  6. utility package consists of a collection of utility classes used to set date and time.

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