Java Features

  • Object Oriented
  • Simple and Small
  • Secure
  • Multi threaded
  • Robust
  • Compiled and Interpreted
  • Platform independent
  • Dynamic and Extensible
  • Easy to develop 

  1. Java is an Object Oriented language i.e.,object based.In OOP data is represented by objects.
  2. Java is simple and small doesn't use pointers,header files,go to statements,multiple inheritance and operator overloading concepts  etc.,.Java eliminated the complicated features of C and C++.
  3. Java provides more security compared to other languages because it eliminates unauthorized access of data and usage of does not allow the programs to access the memory locations without proper authorization.
  4. Handling of multiple tasks at a time is known as multi threading.Java supports multithreading means we need not to wait for a longer time to complete a task and to start another task.
  5. Java is a Robust(very strong)  language.It handles memory management mistakes and avoids system crash using exceptional handling concept.
  6. Java compiler converts the source code in to byte code after that the java interpreter converts the byte code into machine code.So Java is both compiled and interpreted language.
  7. Java programs can be easily moved from one system to another system.the changes in operating system and hardware cannot effect java programs.Java programs once developed can be run on any system.So Java is a platform independent language.
  8. It is possible to link new methods and classes dynamically in Java.So Java is a dynamic and extensible language.
  9. The problems occured with the pointers and headerfiles concepts are removed in Java.So Java is easy to develop.

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