JDK(java development kit)

For developing different applications in java we need the help of some tools.java environment provides these tools for us.These tools are combinely known as JDK(java development kit).
Some of the java tools are as follows.
  • java doc
  • javac
  • javah
  • java
  • jdb                
  • appletviewer
  1. javadoc is used to create html document.
  2. javac compiler converts the source code into byte code which is understandable by the java interpreter.
  3. javah creates header files and also used to write native methods.(Java programs supports functions which are developed in other languages such as C and C++.These are known as native methods).
  4. java is an interpreter and is used to interpret the class filed generated by the javac.
  5. jdb is a debugger helps to find the errors in our programs.
  6. appletviewer is used to run and debug the java applets without a web browser.

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