Object Oriented Programming

                 Hello., In this post i would like to give you a brief idea about Object Oriented Programming which is also simply called OOP.

                 OOP is a new approach for developing programs and it treats data as an  important concept.It does not allow the data to be flow freely in the system.It combines the data and methods(functions) in to one unit nothing but object.

Basic concepts of OOP:  

  • Object
  • Class
  • Inheritance
  • Encapsulation 
  • Data abstraction
  • Polymorphism 
  • Dynamic binding
  • Message passing  
  1. Objects are nothing but run time entities.It represents an item,a place,a thing etc., 
  2. Class is a collection of objects. 
  3. Inheritance is nothing but objects of one class acquires the properties of objects of another class. 
  4. Encapsulation is nothing but combining the data and member functions in to a single unit. 
  5. Data abstraction is showing the important features and without showing the background details. 
  6. Polymorphism is ability to exist in more than one form. 
  7. Dynamic binding is linking up of  the call to the particular method dynamically.In this procedure the method related to the call is not known until run time. 
  8. Message passing is nothing but objects communicate with each other by passing messages in between them.
Uses of OOP language:
  •  It becomes easy to divide a complex program in to small units using objects.
  • One class can be used more no of times using inheritance.
  • Objects can communicate with external system using message passing.
  • More secured programs can be build using data hiding.
  • Multiple objects can be exist in one program without any interference. etc.;

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