jQuery - UI customising

jQuery UI provides a comprehensive set of core interaction plugins, UI widgets and visual effects that use a jQuery-style, event-driven architecture and a focus on web standards, accessiblity, flexible styling, and user-friendly design. All plugins are tested for compatibility in IE 6.0+, Firefox 3+, Safari 3.1+, Opera 9.6+, and Google Chrome.

comprehensive set of core interaction plugins are divided into four gropus
  • Interactions
      Complex behaviors like drag and drop, resizing, selection and sorting.
    • Draggable
    • Droppable
    • Resizable
    • Selectable
    • Sortable
  • Widgets
      Full-featured UI controls — each has a range of options and is fully themeable.
    • Accordion
    • Autocomplete
    • Button
    • Dialog
    • Progressbar
    • Slider
    • Tabs
  • Utilities
      Low-level utilities for building rich interactions, widgets, and effects.
    • Position
  • Effects
      Animated transitions and easing for rich interactions.
    • Effect, Show, Hide, Toggle, Color animation, Add class, Remove class, Toggle class, Switch class

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